Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lunch with Mommy at work~

I was having a good day at work and I got to meet a older set of triplets that had come to see a new baby. It wasn't long after that and the Lynn triplets came in. They talked a minute and went on to visit who they were there to see. I went back to work and then my husband brought our babies to see me and eat dinner with me. When I headed to the lobby to meat up with Donnie and the kids, he had to have a xray of his hand for yet another sports injury, we met up with the Lynn triplets. Being the crazy picture person I am, I had my camera in the diaper bag. It only took two shots and we got all six of them looking.
Emma, Nate and Alli (back) Mia, Silas and Jagger (front, I think I got it right)
We headed up to eat supper and the kids had a great time. They had grilled cheese and french fries with tomatoes.
Nate was so cute, I got my camera out and he said "look Mama it's a long tall one!" I love the way they perceive things when they are this size.
I was sad to see my littles go home but it was back to work for Mama.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


These pictures were taken during a fundraiser that our MOM's group did. They turned out so good! It is a good thing I sold some coupons because I sold enough that I didn't have to pay for any of the pictures I got and I got a bunch of pictures. I even got a 16x20 and 10x13 on canvas. I was even surprised that the 10x13 that you got from the company for participating in the fundraiser was not the worst one of them all. I asked how it was decided witch one you got and they said they pick the best of the three that are taken for the fundraiser. The photographer was great. Erin was very down to earth and did a great job with the kids. Veronica and I spent a lot of time with her over the three days and we really liked her a lot. I can't wait for them to come. Enjoy!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Few Cute Kids

It seems to me we have a guest blogger among us! Could it be another triplet mommy? What a lucky girl I must be and what lucky babies those are to have someone take such great pictures. Thanks my dear friend we love you.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Diaper excursion~

Edited to add: The new header is one of the pictures Tan done today.

We were off today on another diaper excursion so while I was feeding the Little's breakfast I talked to Tanya to see what she had on the agenda for today. I told her we were headed to Lynnville to get diapers and she asked if we wanted to meet at the park for a few pictures. So of course we love the park so we were off. We took some pictures that I have none of yet except the one above of Tanya with the Little's eating lunch at one of the only two restaurants in Lynnville. Tanya took all the other pictures of the Little's playing on the slides and swings and merry go round. She will send them to me. After lunch we were off to get diapers and a good nap on the ride home. When we got home and they were all sleeping I just pulled in the garage closed the door and let them finish out there nap and I even got a small cat nap. Thanks for a great day "Tana."
When the kids woke up I carried diapers from the car to the garage/house door and they carried them to their room. When all was in the house I went to their room to find their little maze of diapers. They liked walking on them. They then brought them to me as I organized them by size in the closet. We have been very blessed by a great diaper program.

I sure hope this is no indication of what her life has in store for her. My Miss Alli is a hoarder! She hides as many treasures as she can handle. She stuffs her purse and her car and don't let them to far from her site so the other two don't get them. Nate don't usually bother her much but the first chance Emma gets she will grab something and run as fast and far as she can from Alli. Then, Mama has to save the day! I love being a Mama!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday...our party!!!

Here are some pictures from a birthday party...enjoy!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

birthday needs...

While we were out picking up the cake and buying the hot dog buns, and a few last minute things the kids were able to catch a cat nap and Donnie caught Nate and Alli holding hands in their sleep. They are just so sweet. I can't hardly believe that it has been two years.

This was at bed time. Ginger, one of our ot had just left. She came by to bring us our new hair bows that another one of her kiddos mom's made for us. Oh they thought they were just so "pretty." Off to bed for our birthday party tomorrow.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Start To Our Birthday Weekend~

Today we went out and ordered our birthday cake and to look for some of our bithday supplies for our party. We had developmental therapy to day and meat Ms Tami at Fired Up to use a gift certificate that we got for our first birthday. Nothing like waiting to the last minute to use it before it expired. Actually we have tried to use it several times and either they were closed or something came up and we didn't get to go. Thank the Lord Tanya came to bring me some shoes for Mr Nate. When she got there she said oh this will make some good pictures, you did bring your camera right? I can not believe I walked out and didn't pick my camera up. I don't go out the door to get a coke or some hot chocolate with out taking my camera because you never know when you might need a camera. Tanya pulled out her camera that she caries in her purse and that is why we have these great pictures. Thanks Tan your the best. Now enjoy our trip to make a plate for daddy since his first one got broken.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Diaper excursion~

Today Nate took a liking to his very first fitted baseball hat.

Alli and Emma being silly

every one tucked into there seats for a diaper run
finished off the day with bath tub fun with mamaw

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas...

Today as we prepare for our Saviors birth we wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

feeling better...

gratefully everyone is feeling much better. I am so thankful that we have not been sick much. God is good!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Flu Bug update...

Nate was up again in the night and landed in bed with me. By the time daddy got cleaned up and took this picture....

Alli started and boy did it get her. This poor baby went through about 5 pairs of jamies in about a 30 min span. She was vomiting about every 10-20 min for several hours. I was really worried about her. I made arrangements to go in to work early and leave early because Donnie was working a Christmas party. I had planned to call the doctor around eight when Donnie called and said she finally sipped some pedialite and kept it down. She just perked up from there and with every little bit of pedialite about every 20 min. So when I came home this is what I found...
don't my monkey's look sick:)?
This is 7up, ginger ale, and sprite at which they will drink none of the above. Thankfully they like the pedilite, and all the milk that they are begging for...
Amy went and got jello for them and I made several kinds in hopes that they will eat some of it. I am not sure how they will do with the texture. See the almost empty green one? Well, as fast as I set the last one in the fridge Emma was in the door and had it pulled off the shelf and every where before I could grab her. I am not one that says many bad things for them to pick up but this time I said "dammit Emma, dammit look at this mess." I said "now sit down on the floor so I can get this cleaned up and I don't want you to get up." What does Emma reply as she is sitting down on the floor with a look of shock on her face..."dammit!" I thought crap, now I wander how long she is going to repeat that. That was the only time thank goodness. I am so grateful I don't usually say bad words.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Round Two...

Just when we thought it was clear and only Nate had gotten the flu... He started again today while I was at work and by the time Amy walked out the door to leave Emma began also..

This is my precious second daughter first is in heaven running in the fields pain fee.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nate update...

Looks like he is feeling better...

They have enjoyed the Christmas boxes to climb on.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nate update

Mr Nate seems to be better today. He has kept all pedialight down and some crackers and soup. He is still just eating a bite here and there but I of course don't expect it to be any different for a few days. We have two of these dogs and they just love them. We really need a third I just haven't found one at a yard sale or such. Emma only sometimes wants to torment them and take their dog's and run with them. The "puppy" as they call them that is by Nate they got for Christmas last year and the one by Alli we got at our fall mom sale, thanks Kathy Yager. Here is my little Emma girl. They were watching Pooh's Christmas.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nate Bug has the Flu Bug :(

We went to the doctor today to get our Synagis shots and everyone was in a great mood and having fun playing with Mamaw while we waited for the nurse to come back in and give us the shot never showing any signs of illness. They were happy and feisty! So when we got home and started dinner everyone still playing and taking each others toys. After dinner I was just about to get everyone washed up and out of the highchair and Nate started vomiting. I don't know who I felt worse for him or Emma. Emma just kept saying "oh Nate, oh Nate" with tears streaming down her face. We have had some respiratory infections but never have they vomited other then the reflux spits.

Here is poor little Nate with his pan just in case. He played for a bit and then sat on my lap and then got up on the couch with daddy.

I took this picture just seconds before round two started. He was sleeping so peacefully. I was so proud of Donnie. He has the weakest stomach and both times he handled Nate vomiting pretty well. When I took Nate's picture Alli quickly got up on the couch with daddy telling me all the while she was getting into position "Alli pissure." Between her " piss=Kiss, pissure=picture, bitches=britches" someone is going to think we have been teaching her bad words. I have told Donnie I am pretty lucky I don't usually say bad words because they are quite the little parrot. My phrases of choice are usually "dog gone it," "holy moly," and "fine," and they all say those frequently.
and of course since Nate and Alli got a picture Emma had to have one also.