Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nate update

Mr Nate seems to be better today. He has kept all pedialight down and some crackers and soup. He is still just eating a bite here and there but I of course don't expect it to be any different for a few days. We have two of these dogs and they just love them. We really need a third I just haven't found one at a yard sale or such. Emma only sometimes wants to torment them and take their dog's and run with them. The "puppy" as they call them that is by Nate they got for Christmas last year and the one by Alli we got at our fall mom sale, thanks Kathy Yager. Here is my little Emma girl. They were watching Pooh's Christmas.


rachael said...

i am so glad he is feeling better!

jenkins_k08 said...

i found your blog, hope you dont mind. your babies are precious, a true blessing from God :) & they were born on my wedding day.