Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nate Bug has the Flu Bug :(

We went to the doctor today to get our Synagis shots and everyone was in a great mood and having fun playing with Mamaw while we waited for the nurse to come back in and give us the shot never showing any signs of illness. They were happy and feisty! So when we got home and started dinner everyone still playing and taking each others toys. After dinner I was just about to get everyone washed up and out of the highchair and Nate started vomiting. I don't know who I felt worse for him or Emma. Emma just kept saying "oh Nate, oh Nate" with tears streaming down her face. We have had some respiratory infections but never have they vomited other then the reflux spits.

Here is poor little Nate with his pan just in case. He played for a bit and then sat on my lap and then got up on the couch with daddy.

I took this picture just seconds before round two started. He was sleeping so peacefully. I was so proud of Donnie. He has the weakest stomach and both times he handled Nate vomiting pretty well. When I took Nate's picture Alli quickly got up on the couch with daddy telling me all the while she was getting into position "Alli pissure." Between her " piss=Kiss, pissure=picture, bitches=britches" someone is going to think we have been teaching her bad words. I have told Donnie I am pretty lucky I don't usually say bad words because they are quite the little parrot. My phrases of choice are usually "dog gone it," "holy moly," and "fine," and they all say those frequently.
and of course since Nate and Alli got a picture Emma had to have one also.

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