Monday, December 8, 2008

Most days...

this is how the floor looks after a nap oh I mean no nap, when they have decided to party their nap away. Nate decided to start his day off like this today. Usually the little stinker in the crib to Nate's left is the one who starts it.My little man and his oh so sweet grin.

My Emma with a morning of not such crazy hair. Usually her hair is a mess of curls all over the place.
and the little stinker to the left of Nate...
We met Tammi (dt) at the mall for a therapy session of climbing and exploring. Alli saw a big girl go down backwards and thought she would give it a whirl.
Emma heading down the slide.

Nate trying out his balancing skills.

Alli was standing on top of the ambulance. This little play area is in the mall. It was donated by the hospital that I work for. We finished up with a "nak" of applesauce and ice cream.

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