Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Diaper excursion~

Edited to add: The new header is one of the pictures Tan done today.

We were off today on another diaper excursion so while I was feeding the Little's breakfast I talked to Tanya to see what she had on the agenda for today. I told her we were headed to Lynnville to get diapers and she asked if we wanted to meet at the park for a few pictures. So of course we love the park so we were off. We took some pictures that I have none of yet except the one above of Tanya with the Little's eating lunch at one of the only two restaurants in Lynnville. Tanya took all the other pictures of the Little's playing on the slides and swings and merry go round. She will send them to me. After lunch we were off to get diapers and a good nap on the ride home. When we got home and they were all sleeping I just pulled in the garage closed the door and let them finish out there nap and I even got a small cat nap. Thanks for a great day "Tana."
When the kids woke up I carried diapers from the car to the garage/house door and they carried them to their room. When all was in the house I went to their room to find their little maze of diapers. They liked walking on them. They then brought them to me as I organized them by size in the closet. We have been very blessed by a great diaper program.

I sure hope this is no indication of what her life has in store for her. My Miss Alli is a hoarder! She hides as many treasures as she can handle. She stuffs her purse and her car and don't let them to far from her site so the other two don't get them. Nate don't usually bother her much but the first chance Emma gets she will grab something and run as fast and far as she can from Alli. Then, Mama has to save the day! I love being a Mama!!!


Jenny said...

we made the trip to Lynnville yesterday too!:) And actually they started loading your diapers in my van and i was like....hmm...this doesn't seem right. He looked at the paper and said...well you aren't stacey. You have 1 more right!:) hah. anyway. I wish i woulda known you were going we could have met up:)

kids are looking great!!
jenny B

The Farm House Kids said...

It was a fun day wasn't it?! I love your littles so much!