Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Start To Our Birthday Weekend~

Today we went out and ordered our birthday cake and to look for some of our bithday supplies for our party. We had developmental therapy to day and meat Ms Tami at Fired Up to use a gift certificate that we got for our first birthday. Nothing like waiting to the last minute to use it before it expired. Actually we have tried to use it several times and either they were closed or something came up and we didn't get to go. Thank the Lord Tanya came to bring me some shoes for Mr Nate. When she got there she said oh this will make some good pictures, you did bring your camera right? I can not believe I walked out and didn't pick my camera up. I don't go out the door to get a coke or some hot chocolate with out taking my camera because you never know when you might need a camera. Tanya pulled out her camera that she caries in her purse and that is why we have these great pictures. Thanks Tan your the best. Now enjoy our trip to make a plate for daddy since his first one got broken.

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The Lynn Triplets said...

Don't you just love Fired up! I was just getting ready to post some photos of our trip there. Your little ones look like they are really having fun!