Wednesday, May 28, 2008

They had decided by this time that if I would hold them and slide them down from the side that was OK.
Tanya does this look familiar with one of the girls trying to run?
I love these next couple of pictures. This is Emma. Let me tell you about her head band. I have been putting a little spout pony on top of her head, but little Alli's hair is so fine that I can't do that with her yet so I put a head band on her. When Alli and I went into the living room where the others were Emma went back to their bedroom door and was knocking and grunting and when I went in there I opened the door and she went right to the dresser where I keep there hair things and wanted the drawer open, when I opened it she kept grunting trying to tell me what she wanted but I told her there was nothing in there she could have and I took her back out. Seconds later she was back at the door and we did it all over again when I realized she was trying to show me the head bands, I picked out her white one and asked her is this what you want and she smiled great big, so we took her rubber band out and put her head band on and she was as happy as could be.
Here is sweet Nate.
Here is little stinker Alli. They loved walking all over this gym. See the tube like thing behind Alli? They loved crawling through that also.

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