Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our First Trip To The Park

Today we went on our first trip to the park. Sara had spent the night and was with us. Aunt Marty had called and they wanted to come out but since we were leaving they just met us at the park. Trevor and Troy wanted to see the little ones. When we first put the girls in the swing Emma loved it but Alli was not so sure, but after a minute she was fine. See the little boy in the back ground, that is Donnie's great nephew Devin. Dalton was also there, Donnie's great niece Dakota and the boys cousin had brought them to the park.
Nate of course did not like it. I held on to him and talked to him to hopefully settle him down but he wanted nothing to do with it. Katie is his ot and she thinks it has to do with the sensory stuff going on with him.
So we tried me sitting on the swing and holding him and nope that didn't work either, so lets try the slides........They did not like doing it by there self but didn't mind you holding onto them on the little slide.
Troy was going to hold her at the top and let me be at the bottom but Alli held to the bar for dear life.
Here is Sara letting Nate go from the top and Troy now with Emma. This wasn't so bad!

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