Tuesday, May 27, 2008

OT with Ginger

Ginger is Alli's therapist but she always works with Emma and Nate also. She is just wonderful. I learn so much from her every time she is here.
This was the first time they have been on the ball and as you can see Emma is not to happy. Ginger is working with balance, hips and sensory.
Here is Nate also not to happy.
Alli's turn and she is not happy either. Ginger said the more they are on it the better they will get and they will love it. She also said had they started at a younger age they would be fine with it also.
I had very unhappy babies this visit. Not that they don't like Ginger, but it was nap time also and Ginger said "remind me never to come during nap." Ginger the very first day she came just jumped right in and picked up babies and loved on them and never gave them a chance to be scared of her. I needed to go to the hospital due to a family member having a cardiac cath and they moved it up so I was rushing around and it was time for her to be here to work with the kids and she said you get everything ready I will feed the kids and I will help you get out the door. Ginger is very caring and supportive. The short time she has been coming we have just fell in love with her. I can't imagine after she has been coming a while and we graduate and don't need her any more. Thanks Ginger for all you already do for us.

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the schirano triplets said...

i had no idea the exercise ball was therapy, i was just using one the other day for fun with my trio. they were unsure of it, but not scared so maybe i will have to pull it back out and use it regularly! i am so happy that you adore your o/t. cameron's p/t is great too and we just love her. she is only supposed to work with cameron but she checks all 3 of them out every time she is here and fields my millions of questions on all of the babies!