Tuesday, May 27, 2008

These are some pictures of Ginger about the third time she came. She comes a lot during meals because that is one of the main reasons she is seeing Alli. She has outstanding feeding experience and Alli gagged on food as I started trying table stuff, she leaked milk from her mouth and some other things. We chose Ginger but she could only fit one spot so since Alli was the worse out of the three she is seeing only Alli, on paper, she always works with everyone. She even thinks Nate is as bad if not worse then Alli. The babies have made leaps and bonds since we started therapy. I am so proud.
This is Ginger with Alli and our new feeding net. I can put foods in this and it helps expose them to more taste and textures. This was the day Ginger said no more bottles at meal time.

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