Friday, July 6, 2007

First Tooth

See that sweet LITTLE guy, the one under the blue blanket? Mr. Nate has his first tooth!! The big guy is the silly one with the broken finger that he is now going to have his second surgery on Friday the 13th. You couldn't get me in the operating room for no amount of money on that day. Back to the big news my baby boy and his first tooth. He has been pretty fussy the last few days and the reason would be the tooth. He has even been up in the night a little bit for the last couple of nights which he has not done since Easter Saturday, so when I got home from work I decided to check inside that little mouth and there it was, just thru the skin. We called daddy right away to share the good news.

Until next time!

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Tan said...

Way to Go Nate! Yay .... a new tooth!