Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Short week is over ...back to work

The babies have their first colds and we had to take them to see Dr. Tom. Everyone has clear ears and lungs sounded good then. Nate's cough is worse I think and Emma and Alli are holding their own. I have had cousins with us a lot this week which they are BIG help and I am so grateful that they are doing such a great job helping with the babies. Donnie and I even got to go get something to eat one night when we were both off. Kare and Sara have spent a lot of time with us since Donnie went and messed his finger up. He can not hardly even buckle them in their bouncy seats. We got new feet rattles and the girls like them a lot but Nate is sleeping so much he hasn't got to give them a try yet. Mr Nate got some new clothes this week so now I can't call him my little naked baby, and I finally found them some shoes that are not gi-hugent on them. As I try to stay positive about going to work and every thing going OK but it is really hard seeing how the last weekend was awful. I think I have pumped enough this week that hopefully being at work will not cause to much decrease in milk supply. I have posted some pictures of them when they were smaller and at four months. My goal is to blog back till they were born. I have kept things written down but now that I am getting good with this blogging stuff that is my long term goal.

till next time.....

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