Sunday, July 15, 2007


Today was such a big day, the babies were baptized and everything went well. Mommy is so very tired and the babies were past tired. They were so over stimulated that trying to get them down to bed was a chore. Yesterday I ran errands to finish up things for today. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find six gifts for Godparents? I ended up with the cutest little heart shaped picture frames that said "You Leave Footprints on my heart." My best friends daughter Katlyn helped me all day Saturday and spent the night so I had a extra pair of hands in the morning because daddy still is not the much help with the bum hand. We had planned for her to make sure she got a picture of each baby with each of their Godparents and once everyone was at Donnie's parents and I had the babies being taken care of, I recruited a couple of more helpers, thanks Katlyn, Kara and Brandi, and ran to Walgreens and printed the pictures cut them and put them into the frames and stuck them in a bag w/tissue paper and headed back to the house. Everyone was having lunch when we got back. It was a nice day but long and tiring. They got some great gifts also. I will post more pictures when I can get them on the computer. The pictures above my sister made for us for a gift. She watches the kids on Saturdays when I work and dressed the babies and took pictures and had these ready for today, I think she did an awesome job and of course I cried. The Godparents we chose is for Emma my sister Tammy and Donnie's brother Bill, Nathaniel's was my best friend Amy and Donnie's brother Ronnie, and for Allison my friend Connie and Donnie's best friend Tom. We not only were blessed with these precious children but with family and friends that mean the world to us.

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