Friday, June 15, 2007

What a day!

Today started bright and early which stinks since my trio sleeps till eight or so...Donnie had surgery this morning on the broken finger and he now has two pins in is finger and a boxing glove dressing and a lot of pain. I gained another kid today! My two nieces Kara and Sara spent the night last night and they are here again tonight. They have been the best help along with a friend of my older nieces. Babies have been pretty fussy the last two days, I don't really think this is lingering on from shots on Tuesday but I guess it could be. You know the best thing is that no matter how bad the day has been for my little guys when they get that last bottle and I lay them in bed, usually it is all over, they sleep till morning. Today is a very special day to me, it is my great aunt's birthday. Aunt Kathy was my best buddy, we spent lots of time together and I took care of her for many years. She died almost two years ago and I miss her so very much. I have many stories to tell my children and also how much she would have loved them. Emma's middle name is "Katherine" which is after Aunt Kathy. I am finishing up pumping so I need to get myself in bed I work 13hours tomorrow. Sweet Dreams!

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