Tuesday, June 12, 2007

four month shots

Of course it always takes all morning to get ready to go out and when the babies sleep later then expected and we set no alarms it gets us off on the wrong foot before we ever get started. Aunt Brandi went to see Dr. Tom with us because daddy had to go see the hand surgeon, and he will have surgery on Friday to repair the broken finger which has been broken for the third time. Oh you ask how he did he do this! Softball of course!!!! We started feeding Emma and Nate and Alli was fussing waiting for her turn when Dr. Tom came in the room and he picked Alli up since she was being so mistreated and talked to her and held her while he asked questions and charted and she got to go first to be all checked out. Dr. Tom said we were all perfect and growing good. Emma weighed 11.7 lbs and 22 3/4 in, Nate was 13.6 lbs and 25 in, Alli was 11.2 lbs and 22 3/4 in. Everyone is on the chart for height and weight now. I went to mom mtg tonight and felt guilty since everyone was a little fussy since shots but Brandi and Hajja watched them and said they did ok. Daddy had to get the baby sitter since I only ask for one evening a month and it happens to be on softball night. Dylan came to play this evening and Brandi said Alli loved him because he just sat and talked to her. That is just what Alli wants, someones undivided attention.

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