Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fathers Day

Well we both took off work today so we could be together on this long awaited "First Fathers Day." I never dreamed I would have to get all five of us together to get out the door to go to church, but since Donnie had surgery on the broken finger on Friday he is pretty helpless. He has two pins in his finger and his whole hand is in what the doctor called a boxing glove cast, and the arm in a sling. My niece Sara was here, she is 9 but a huge help. We went to church and then to lunch with my sister Tammy and her kids our godchildren, Megan, Kara, Adam and Sara, and my dad and Aunt Judy that is here from Florida. After we left the restaurant we went to his parents house where all but one of his siblings was there. To say the very least by the time we got home around six o'clock the babies were so over stimulated that it made for a long night. I am sure tomorrow will be no different. The kids will be coming back tonight to be here while I work tomorrow to help Donnie. With a 14, 11, and 9 year old here they should be able to handle the babies and Uncle Donnie quite well. Donnie loved his gift. I took the babies to the Mother of Multiples play date at Fired Up and we did baby feet prints on a big plate and it says "Happy 1st Fathers Day." He will get great use out of it because he loves to grill and is always looking for a big plate. Over all we had a good day!

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