Saturday, June 23, 2007

Missing Babies

Today has been a long day for me at work. I only work three days a week and most days are OK but I have really missed the babies today. I still have days that my emotions ride the hormone roller coaster and as I continue to have struggles at work to pump the emotions make me just want to be at home with my little darlings. Aunt Tammy had the babies today and as I looked at the many pictures that she takes every time she is with them I saw Emma and Alli laying under their play gym and they were reaching out for the toys hanging from the gym. I said oh my gosh they are reaching for the toys! Aunt Tammy said I help them reach the toys, and I said so do I but they are doing it their self they have not done that. So I had to be sure to get that on the calender that I write milestone stuff on because God knows there baby books are not up to date. I figure at least I get it written down.

till next time........

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