Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A busy day!

This is Miss Tammy #2. Tammy works with our First Steps program which is a early intervention program. Tammy came today to evaluate us for physical therapy in regards to our toe walking. The kids have been walking on their toes pretty much since they have been walking. Nate and Alli are showing some tightening in their legs and Emma does not seem to show so much. Everyone was evaluated because they all do it more then frequently. If I say "get off your toes" once in a day I say it 3000 times. So our report was great. Tammy is not concerned at all. She did fill a bit of tightness with Nate and Alli but said they have very good range of motion and are doing some things ahead of schedule. She did go over some things to continue working on to prevent tightening and said to continue the good habits we have with reminding them to stay off their toes. When she told me they did not qualify for treatment I was of course thrilled and told her that we (the two occupational therapist and developmental therapist, Donnie and myself) were not looking to add pt we were looking for guidance to prevent it from getting any worse.

While Tammy and I was talking the kids got up in the chair and was siting so nicely together that I just reached up and grabbed the camera. They even smiled a bit for me. This is a rare moment to get them all together and happy. While Tammy was here Emma had told me she had to go potty but it was a bit to late so we got her cleaned up and went back to playing. The girls have both been telling us for the past week that they have to go potty but it is always after the fact. Nate knows the correct response if we know he is stinky and will go to the bedroom to get changed. I never even had the thoughts of potty training this early. It some what scares me. It will bring on a whole new batch of things to think about if they continue to roll down that path. Like taking them out of their cribs, which I am no where close to wanting to think about that! Oh well we are going to buy a potty this weekend and will see how this goes. I am afraid it is going to go pretty well, see next picture...
When I started hearing the babies waking up from their nap, I guess I need to be calling them toddlers :( I went in because I thought they were all awake but Emma was still sleeping so I was handing out snuggles when Emma joined us with the help of Nate yelling for her at the top of his lungs. When I went to give her some loving all so she was dry so I got her up and took her in to sit on the potty and we were playing peek-a-boo with Nate and Alli, while they were still in the cribs, and we were singing and she all at once began to tinkle and her eyes got like saucers and she was so proud. She looks so proper sitting there with her legs all nicely crossed. We did lots of cheering and clapping and dancing and she was just so excited. So today my little baby A went pee pee on the big girl potty. It may not take to terrible long to potty train the girls. I think the first time Alli feels pee pee running down her legs that will be the end of Little Miss Priss tinkling in her panties. I can't believe they are just 22 months and showing signs of ready to potty train. Is that good or bad? The nasty bathrooms in public...yuk! I guess we will see what happens, for now one day at a time!
We finished off the night with Mamaw and Papaw coming to play. We had these goofy socks on that we thought were the best thing. Alli of course with Jenna, this kid loves that dog. She drags one of the little chairs all around the house to sit by Jenna when she is laying somewhere sleeping. Look at Miss Emma in her little attitude folded arms and precious freshly washed curls! Her hair is just precious until we put her in the car seat or put a lovely warm winter hat on her head.

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