Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

My precious Emma, I am so very thankful for the life of you. The silly smiles and the crazy curls you have. They are really crazy in the morning as you can see above. I am so thankful for your full of life spirit and the way you tell your brother and sister what to do as if you were the mommy. Your smile is infectious and so so sweet. We are so thankful you are ours.

Mr Nate, mommy's sweet boy! We are thankful for your life also, but we are thankful for your so so sweet personality, the way you pat the girls when they cry. I am thankful for the way you say "Mama and when I ask for more kisses you put your tiny finger by my lips and so gently give Mama more kisses." Daddy is thankful for your love of balls and the fact that you show very very strong signs of being left handed. Daddy has longed for a little boy that he could teach to love baseball as much as he does. We love you little man.

Miss Alli Cat! Oh my miss Diva where do I begin. We are very grateful to have one girlie girl.

We are thankful for your love of things and how you collect your toys and keep track of them all day. You melt down if your brother and sister touch anything you have collected. The way you have grown to love signing is amazing and shows us just how smart you are. I love the way you love your pony tail and cry when I come in and Emma has one and you don't. (Emma has to have one in or her hair is in her eyes.) We are also thankful that when you go to bed at night that you believe in sleeping for the long haul, except the little spell we had a few weeks ago where you didn't want to sleep. I love, love, love to hear you sucking on your passie when you are first going to sleep, when you wake up in the night and are trying to go back to sleep and when you are getting close to waking in the morning.

We are very thankful that you all know who is on the cross when you tell "Jesus night night" and make the sign of the cross every night before bed. We will continue to teach you about our Father and all the was sacrificed for your life. Most of all our precious angels we are thankful that God saw fit to give us the chance to show him that we would be the best Mamma and Daddy we could be.

We are thankful also for our wonderful family and friends, we love you all.

Below are some pictures of Miss Tammy our dt making hand painted turkey's. When all was done she gave you a bath since mamma still could not bend over the tub.


rachael said...

happy thanksgiving!

Amy said...

Hi, it's Amy from work. So nice to have found your blog. Now you can take a peek at mine too.

Take care