Monday, September 15, 2008

Signing Time...

Look what I found! A blog competition for a chance to win a set of Signing Time DVDs. I am so excited. You see I found out about this at Leigha and the Triplets. I have been reading their blog for a very long time and would just love to have these video's. My little's are signing but not near what they could be if we had these DVDs. I know how much they would love them because of all the music, which they love music. After reading on the triplet connection about Signing Times and finding Cathy and her passion for Signing Time I fell in love. It is just not something we have had the luxury of being able to buy. We have been on hold for two volumes at the library for a while but have yet to see them. We love Signing Time because I want my children to have a second language that will be able to possibly make someones life a little bit more comfortable in their life because they know how to sign. I love all the music and format of how it is taught and I love the mission that Rachel has started for her child and the children of the world.

Everyone say a little prayer for us that we win this awesome gift for my little's

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CC said...

I love Signing Times too. But sorry, I'd like to win it! :) :) Just kidding (sorta....)