Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy

Today is Donnie's birthday and I don't even know where to begin. I have so many things that I love about my husband. For the longest time he wanted to be a daddy and I always new he would be a great Daddy. Donnie has that "special something" that it takes to be more then just a dad. He loves his babies more than imaginable. He does things that many men don't! He was up in the night every night when they were tiny babies and did most of the 1am feedings by himself while I would get up and pump and go right back to bed. Dr Arnaez told him when we were in the NICU that I had to have enough rest at night to be able to take care of the babies while he worked and unlike many men, he listened. Dr Arnaez told us that we both could not be awake in the night because we had to be rested, so he did 1am and then he went to bed and I got up and did the next feeding at 4am and he slept till the first day time feeding. Donnie gives them baths, he keeps them all by his self and has for a long time. He takes them out of the house. He got up and had him and all the babies ready and out the door to be at the March for Babies walk that started and 930am. He takes them to Sam's to shop and even had a lady in the parking lot ask him if he was by his self and told him "he rocked" because so many men won't do those kinds of things. Through my whole pregnancy he always knew mine and the babies weights, he always remembered their heart rates. I went to only one doctors appointment by myself and that was because he was at work and she just wanted to check me before she left for vacation. When they were in NICU he remembered their weights from day to day. He couldn't wait to get to the hospital when he got off at night. He was so strong and would always get me through the mommy melt downs, and still does. He was so proud when they all said "Daddy" first. Today he is a ball of smiles when he comes home to those little faces waiting at the baby gate when they hear the garage door go up. He loves that his son appears to be left handed and loves any kind of ball just like himself (for you ladies that don't understand this, left handed pitchers make more money because there are not a lot to go around). He loves that the girls just thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread. He works with them on the weekend with things they need to learn that they are developmentally behind on. He has taught them all the body parts they know. They know the cross that our Lord died on because of him. They tell "Jesus" night night every night before bed. He loves us all beyond words! What more could a women ask for in a husband? Cooking, Cleaning, and Laundry you say? Well, he does all of the above that mommy fails to do because she has been busy with the babies all day or hasn't felt well. What more could a wife ask for? I am the luckiest girl in the world. I love you honey more then you will ever know and never thought I could love you any more and then our babies were born and I fell in love with you all over again. I would not take all the money in the world for the four of you, you are my life past, present and future. Happy 40th Birthday! Remember age is just a number and we have so many years to look forward to and our precious triplets to keep us young.

Forever S-

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Kelli said...

what a lovely post about your hubby! Happy Belated Birthday to him!

I got your comment, about my blog going private, and absolutely I would love to include you as a reader. I don't have your e-mail address though, can you send it to me? My e-mail address is