Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Things a Mommy will do........OMG!

This picture daddy took while mommy was gone to work...he must of not had anything exciting going on, but when mommy got home from work the fireworks started. Daddy was holding Nate, that had gone back to sleep and Emma that was awake enjoying the Olympics. I took Nate and put him in bed and changed my clothes and took Emma so daddy could go to the store for more milk. I gave Emma some gas drops and cuddled for a bit and as she was settling down Jenna popped up off the floor and darted to the front door. I immediately knew that there was something in the foyer. I went to put Emma in her crib and see what had Jenna's attention expecting a spider......boy was I wrong! It was a lizard! I just about had a heart attack. I ran to the kitchen, after standing there trying to quickly come up with a solution, I got a bowl out of the cabinet and ran back to the foyer and on my first try I got the bowl over the top of him but, it was on the silver piece that is between the floor and the carpet. Great, now I have to get that bowl level so he can't get out till Donnie gets back home. I was un-successful, he ran as fast as he could under the door into the nursery, Oh s***! He can't be in there with my babies. I call Donnie and tell him he needs to hurry there is a lizard in the nursery and he said "I just got here." Why did I think I was going to get him to come back and get this thing out of my babies room? So I turn their light from dim to full blast, Nate and Alli sleeping so peacefully and Emma thinks she needs to see what mommy is doing on the floor. I tell Jenna "find it girl" and I grab the little flash light that I use to peek in diapers in the night to find out who is stinky and Jenna spots the scared to death lizard in the closet with his head hid between a box of diapers and a package of diapers. I clear the right side of the closet that had baby wipes stacked up and more diapers and then move the package that he was by and he ran to the right and tried to hide under a spare travel wipes box. I tried to get the bowl over him once again and I missed and he ran again, this time back into the hall, the whole time Emma standing at the end of her crib with her arms crossed watching and Jenna in the hall watching. He got just out side the door and I tried again, and......I got it! Yep, I had to have pictures of this! Who was ever going to believe me?
there he is under the bowel and all I could think of now was I bet you are peeing on my carpet and how in the h*** am I going to get you out of here. I turned the nursery light back down Nate and Alli still sleeping and told Emma ni-night pulled their door and try to keep Jenna from flipping the bowl off this thing. I called Donnie back and told him not to worry, ha ha, that I had caught the lizard. Now what? I stood and thought a minuet and went to the garage making Jenna come along so she wouldn't let our new friend out and got a cereal box out of the recycle bin. I opened it all the way flattened it and doubled it so I could get it under the edge of the bowl. I tried to slide it under the bowl and the lizard and he was pretending to be dead and I could not get him on top of the box for nothing, and then, he stared running circles and he got on top the box...
there he is. Now I go open the front door and unlock the storm door. Jenna still wanting to see, I get my hand under the box and pressing with dear life the box and bowl together, I get him out side and hear a noise and Logan was just getting home. He is the neighbors son. I yell for Logan because I just new when I took that bowl off that thing was going to run dead at me. Logan uncovered him while I stood back and all is good! I am beat after thirteen and a half hours at work and an adventure with a lizard. Well, I guess I will start all over again in the morning at eight, for only twelve hours at work minus the lizard adventure. Sleep tight!

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The FarmHouse Triplets said...

OH that is so funny .... good thing your kiddo's aren't a bit older, or you'd have yourself a pet lizard.

We catch them all the time here and keep them in a insect box for a few hours. The kids love them.

Did you know that if you scare them or touch them, their tails fall off ???!!!