Thursday, December 4, 2008

Learning new things...

Ginger brought a new toy on wheels! Sounds fun? Well Emma is the only one that thought fun entered in to the picture. I was off changing a diaper, Emma's, while Alli and Nate got a turn on this roller board. Alli and Nate did not like it at all. It messed with a new sensation that they did not like. Will try again.

They kids were just amazed at the new toys mama pulled out of the closet. They did not know that these even existed. Grandma and grandpa got them three Fisher Price Little People sets for Christmas last year and they were never opened because they were a bit small for them. They got a Christmas town complete with a singing Christmas tree that lights up and a few other things. The other two sets will prove to teach them great things and hopefully head them down the path of believing and following the true reason of the season, "Baby Jesus." As it stands now they know exactly who is in the little crib and who his mommy is. Joseph is a bit harder to remember then Mary. They also know that the angel is on top keeping watch. Every day when we are playing I try to work on one piece of the Nativity puzzle and we talk about "Baby Jesus." Hopefully these will all be lessons well learned and as they grow into the ruff years of life they will be grateful that they have learned to walk by the guidance of the Lord and not peer pressure.

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