Saturday, December 6, 2008

A busy busy day!

Today the babies woke up to St. Nick coming. They loved their little treasures that they found in their stocking. I think they loved the banana's the best. They were all ready dressed because today is the day they get to have breakfast with Santa. They got to play with the other little ones that are in the MOM's group. They weren't sure about the big guy but they tolerated him just long enough to get a picture. The food was great and Amy and Veronica did a great job.

Nate was playing with his shadow in this picture during intermission at Erin's ballet. They did very good through out the performance. We all had to giggle every time they would turn the lights down to change the scenery Alli would say "lights on!" The show was Mary Poppins and Erin did a great job.

Erin brought someone home for us to meet. This is Tony and he fit right in and helped keep babies together while we all chatted after the show.

by the time this picture was taken Nate was done for the day. To say the least little did he know that he was in for quite the little car ride. Mommy made a wrong turn and it took us about a hour and a half to get home that should only have been about 20-30 min. By the time we got home they were beyond hungry and very tired and wanted out of their seat in a major way. But over all we had a great day.

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