Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Diaper excursion~

We went on a diaper excursion today and had lunch in the car and these were just after we had lunch and changed diapers. No I was not totally out of diapers someone just smelled bad so I changed everyone.
While in the garage I was looking for a shoe that was MIA and when I turned around the babies were gone. I didn't see them because the seats totally hide them and they of course were being very quite. They looked so cute, and I blew there trip to where ever they were headed parked in the garage and no keys to get started!
Bath time with Jenna, she loves to drink the water when it is running and they think it is the best.

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rachael said...

the pictures are too cute! we had dinner in the car tonight and it actually worked out quite well!

the diaper bag is a skip hop duo double and i LOVE it!