Saturday, November 1, 2008

Daddy Day

It was a daddy day. This was the "good monen (morning) da dee, hod (hold) you." Everyone was all about daddy this morning. So daddy held everyone together. We had a late nap today because grandma and grandpa came to see us today. We were all a little "disorganized" as Ginger calls it. I call it miss come bobulated! After our big day on Friday they were all a bit over stimulated and out of sorts. They all were fussy all day. When they got up Nate just could not get it together even after being brushed. Brushing is a program that we do for all three babies that helps with the sensory problems they have. Emma by far has the least problems and Nate and Alli are a lot worse. Brushing has been a God send for Alli. When we began Alli would not engage in activity with Emma and Nate or anyone else. She did not like to be held, she just wanted to be by herself and no one touch her. I spent a lot of time feeling guilty because I didn't hold her and cuddle her like the other two. She was just a much happier baby being left alone. Once we started brushing and she had gotten up a bit after they went to bed one night and she let me hold her I didn't want to put her down and I cried when she reached up and touched my face. She finally fell asleep and I had Donnie take a picture because I didn't want to forget that moment. The link above explains more about this and helped me to understand the differences between Nate and Alli. Nate responds very differently to things then Alli. Thanks Gen McNulty for the great article about sensory integration. Boy did I get off track {he he}. So back to Nate...Daddy snuck Nate out to the garage while I finished dinner and they had not been out there long when Donnie called me on the phone to sneak out the front door to look at Nate and asked me to take a picture. See below...
So I didn't sneak to well Nate heard me but It was so sweet to see them sitting there watching football in the garage. Nate is by far his daddy's son. He absolutely loves Balls. He don't care what kind they are he just wants to have one all the time. Poor girls, I bet we spend a fare amount of time at ball fields of all kinds.
After there little rest they took a nice little walk down the block, it was so adorable.

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