Thursday, August 28, 2008

Trio showing progress

Nate asking Emma who is in the drive way? Oh it is Ms Tammy coming to play!
Tammy brought a baby and it's "milk." We never called the kids' bottle by bottle, we always said "milk," so they really didn't know what Tammy was talking about when she asked them "are you giving the baby her bottle?" When I said "can you give the baby some milk they knew what I was talking about. About a month ago they could not do this upon asking, they are doing so well, thanks to Ginger, Katie and Tammy. Thanks guys! Nate taking his turn at giving the baby some milk...
and more milk. He loved doing this it was so sweet...
Alli being the prissy girl she is wanted to be in the rocking chair to try. This was my rocking chair that my Papaw made for me when I was little.

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