Monday, August 25, 2008

Nate NOT taking a nap~

although this is not the best picture...I was trying to take it through the little space in the door. Nate decided not to take a nap. He was checking out his feet and toes. He would raise one up and investigate and then the other. He did this for the longest time with me standing at the door marveling over the fact that "this was my baby making those precious sounds and enjoying himself while he discovered how many feet and toes there were, not someones baby I was watching."

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Kelli said...

ohhh, that is a sweet post!

I just saw your question on my blog! I do not have a van, I have a GMC Yukon, so I just lay my stroller down flat in the back. It does fold line the wheels in the front facing forward, and there are two buttons on the side of the foot rest that you push up, and the stroller collapses down. I have a Mountain Buggy.

Two of my fellow triplet mommas used to have minivans and also have mountain buggys....I am sure they could tell you how they fit their triplet jogger into their minivan. They are Cherie, and her blog is:

And Kelly, her blog is :

They both should be able to give you some tips, I wish I could have helped!!

Take care,