Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just another day...

The day started with a few dry cheerios while I finished breakfast and Alli wanted to show off how well she is doing with those fine motor skills by stacking her cheerios. Ginger will be so proud!
Emma found her way into the bottom shelf of the entertainment center, so of course everyone had to have a try.
Nate tucked in the little spot...
and Alli got in with mommy's help and was instantly mad and wanted out. Once she was out the little stinker tried to get back in, silly girl!

This is a first for Miss Alli. I went in after nap time which was really a party and when I asked "what are you doing?" Alli quickly showed me her new trick. You can hear Emma in the back ground counting. We taped this when we were getting ready for bed. We are doing a brushing program to help with the sensitivity problems and that is how they are learning to count. We brush arms, hands, legs, feet and back. Three times each and then we do joint compressions ten times at shoulder, knee, feet, toes and chest. They are growing and learning more and more every day.


Kelli said...

Hi! Oh my goodness, your trio are so adorable! and it looks like you have a future gymnast! so cute! I read your lizard story are so brave!!!

Thank you for your comment, and those PJ's are a 3T from the Children's Place. They are called their "Stretchies". If you go to the website, and click on sleepwear, they do not show up, but if you type in "stretchie" at the top right search box, a bunch will come up. We have these: and a few others. I find that they run pretty long for our guys, and I really love the price too! The gymboree ones without the feet are long enough too.....but I know what you mean, hard to find PJs that are long enough!

- Kelli

Ashley said...

HAHA Thanks for my cake...Im sure the babies will love it. I know I want them to cook as long as possible...Im just tired...and lonely and miss my family....even that dern husband that drives me nuts...I couldnt find your email...Im always losing things...hope you get this quickly. :)