Wednesday, July 2, 2008

photo shoot

Well, I thought I better get these pictures up before I had another "guest blogger." These were taken by Tanya at the Farm House Kids. If I knew how to make this a link I would, to visit Tanya's blog look at my blogs I read and you will find her there. When we arrived on the farm we did not give the kids time to think about what was going on. We hopped out of the van and went right to the beloved rock. Tanya has taken so many pictures on this rock and I told her I wanted to be one of the family's with pictures on the rock. So here is a sneak peek. If I ever force myself to sit down and pick what I want edited I will show you more and even have them printed to give you some.
My trio were the last ones to get their pictures taken in the new wheat. When we were done, this little corner that Tanya begged for them not to plow so we could do these pictures, was gone shortly after we finished.

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The FarmHouse Triplets said...

Oh how funny .... I was on my way here to guest blog. You'd better get with it my friend or I'm having a contest for guest blogging on YOUR blog.

I love that picture of you guys on "the rock." That rock never knew that it would become so famous now did it ... Ha~

It was so much fun to get to pictures of your littles .... I just love them so much. They are three of the sweetest little cutie patooties I know.

We need to do it again soon on your turf. Talk to you later Sista!