Wednesday, June 18, 2008

playing around~

every morning after breakfast we play in the play room and watch the Wiggles. Our cousin Mona got the girls these hats and the kiddo's love to play with them. Nate loves them the best and I happened to catch this adorable picture of Nate with Alli's pacie and Emma and Alli's pink blankies with one of these hats on...isn't he cute?
Alli cat posing with her hat and Marie the kitty on her onsie...
Miss Emma with her hat and Minnie...
they love to climb on the black box which goes to the stereo and get into the chair and of course they are driving Alli crazy..
Oh won't Ginger be proud of Alli? She is even smiling, with papaw and Emma and Jenna taking it in that she is not crying and on the ball. Jenna gets so bothered when therapy is here and Alli is crying so as you can see she is keeping a close eye on the situation.

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