Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Toy

See the little toy siting in the yard to the right? This is a water octopus that you hook up to the garden hose and it sprays water every where. Courtney bought this for us a while back in the winter so we got it out to see how things went. Lets just say that we will try again next summer when we are a bit bigger.
Alli of course did not like it at all...
Nate was OK with it but could take it or leave it...
Alli says this is just stupid!! Who thought this thing up that sprays water all in your face? I told her it must have been a boy! I missed a picture of Emma but she and Alli stand together on this one. Maybe next year they won't mind stuff touching them so much. We continue to work on this with our wonderful therapist trying to overcome the texture problems. We are very lucky to have great ot and dt.

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