Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mrs Katie

This is Mrs Katie, she is Nate and Emma's ot. Nate as well as Emma are finally beginning to like the ball. Every week it seems to get a bit easier.
These little books they have are there special birthday books that Aunt Tammy had made for them. They each have there name on them and then from the pictures that she took at our big party she put special pictures in our special books. We love to Carrie them around. I am not sure why this picture go in the middle of ot but oh well.
Today, we painted with our nubie brush and pudding, what a mess that was. Emma of course loved it and well...
Nate not so sure. After the pudding go a little warmer and softer he began to do some better with it and he even put his hands in his mouth and tried a bit.....huge accomplishment!
Alli was a bit unsure also but after a bit decided that she would see what this was all about. She also put some in her mouth.

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