Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Food

I think I have this figured out with getting my pictures on my computer. I am so happy. Maybe now I can keep things more up to date. Yea!! I am going to try to back update a few things for my own journaling so if you would like to scroll down from time to time and see what did happen before I figured this crazy thing out please do.

Miss Ginger came today! Ginger is Alli's ot that comes to work with her on feeding. She has some aversions but is doing well. Ginger works with all of them pretty well on feeding. None of them use the penser grasp and none of them will drink out of a cup. Ginger has only been coming for 2weeks and we ate mostly table food at lunch and supper today and ......Alli drank her milk from a cup, mostly a open top cup but some from the siper. Emma did pretty good but of course Nate didn't want much to do with the cup. His cup is not on the tray because he gave it back to me. Miss Katie is Emma and Nate's ot. She also has been coming for a couple of weeks and works with all of them on more of the fine motor skills. Tammy will be the dt therapist and she starts tomorrow.

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The Dairy Wife said...


They look so big in these pictures!

I edited pictures last night. Yours! I'm almost finished, and they're looking good. I should be finished this weekend.