Monday, May 19, 2008

just another day....

My darling Nate has learned to get in the chair by way of the subwofer next to the chair. He climbs on top and over the arm of the recliner. Here is is upset because he don't know how to get down.
Nate thought he could climb over one chair so I should be able to do this one also.....not so much, he is stuck and quite unhappy.
See the green stoop that Nate and Alli are on? Well Alli was there and Nate wanted to be there. Alli was so mad that when I picked her up (after I took a picture) she was so burning up and sweating. Emma today discovered how to cross her arms and she was watching Nate and Alli fight just laughing with her arms crossed.
For was pick on Alli day. Here he is stilling her green beans.
These are their big car seats for daddy's car......that is if they ever get big enough to sit in them forward facing. They won't fit backwards in his car.

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