Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday with Tammy

Mrs. Tammy came today to play. She took us outside to play and see how we did on the grass. Well as you can see Emma not so sure as she sits with her legs in the air trying to get the grass off of her legs. She loved the beans in rice though.
Nate decided to venture off the blanket and discovered that he had forgotten why he was on the blanket in the first place, he doesn't like the grass. He also is sitting with his legs in the air trying to keep it from touching him. Alli was not sure about the grass but did not cry this time
Trying to get the kids use to different textures Tammy picked this "flower" and Emma tried to imitate Tammy smelling it.
This is Mrs Tammy with Emma, Nate and Alli.

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the schirano triplets said...

we just tested out the grass for the 1st time the other day and my 3 were not too happy with it either. james did the same thing and refused to let his legs touch it! the girls just cried...