Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Fun

No, I did not feed my children mixed vegies in the bath tub! Never in the 20+ years I have been taking care of children did I have someone poop while in the bath tub and now my Emma took care of that "never."
Naked wet babies running in my house while I cleaned up the tub...
Take two "new bath water and clean toys and tub......
This is Nate drinking from a cup for the first time. Nate thought the only was to drink milk was from mommy or his bottle and I took both of those away so he went on strike. This is the first milk he has drank other then a few drops here and there. Will it continue? I get to be off work tomorrow and we are taking the trio to Holiday World in Santa Clause IN for the juvenile diabetes walk. Amy's daughter is a juvenile diabetic and has been since she was 13mo old, so we are going to walk for a cure with them.

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