Friday, April 25, 2008

Aunt Judy leaving...

This is the babies great aunt on my dad's side and she is from Florida. We have been very lucky that she has got to spend so much time with us while the babies have been small. Over the past two or three years while my other aunt and grandma was sick she has been here in Indiana a lot. The circumstances of death is never fun but as we know God works in mysterious ways and due to the deaths of my aunt and grandma, Aunt Judy has got to see my children quite a bit. We were sad to see her go home but in this time frame she has been away from her husband, children and grandchildren far to much. I know she missed them as much as we miss her already. The one good thing is we are going to try to go to see her this summer.
My cousin from Tennessee bought the kids these Disney tee's. Emma sporting Minnie Mouse..
Nate sporting my all time favorite Donald Duck...
Alli cat gets Marie from the Aristocrat's.
Aunt Judy gave us this little table and I barley had it in the door when Emma helped herself to the bottom shelf.

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