Saturday, January 26, 2008

Looking back~Part I

We bought a new house and had a great time picking out everything from colors to door knobs and beyond. We found out in late June that I was finally pregnant, with "Triplets." We moved in our house in September. With many days of constant nausea the day we moved in our house I slid and fell in mud and that started the vomiting and landed me in the hospital. Donnie after that would not let me out of the house unless it was backing out of the garage in the car. He was afraid I would fall since there was so much mud with no grass. I only worked about another month and then started modified bed rest. I was a pretty good patient and did everything Dr Turnquest told me to do. I had for the most part a pretty uneventful pregnancy. At Thanksgiving I started with some mild preterm labor, and early December was started on a oral medication to slow the contractions. The medicine slowed them but I found my self in triage a few times through December and January. I was beginning to have more problems with swelling and pain. I went to the doctor weekly and had ultrasounds biweekly. In January we started bpp ultrasounds. The babies had to practice breathing so many times and they watched the heart rate and for the life of me I can't remember what the third thing is. We had a amniocentesis on Tuesday January 23 to check the babies for lung maturity. We got the call on Wednesday afternoon that on Friday January 26 we would be delivering our long awaited triplets. We were both nervous and scared!

On Thursday I was so nervous that the nausea was worse, I was so tired but could not rest. Donnie got off work and hung the babies names above their cribs and that took forever and was time consuming putting all the little brackets on the back of the letters. We were up late and even when I tried to get comfortable I couldn't. I didn't sleep a wink! We had to get up to be at the hospital at 5:30am. I got a shower and the closer it got for us to leave the more upset my stomach was. We were a bundle of nerves. We were delivering early at 34 weeks and even though the amnio was OK I was still so scared. At 8:39, 8:39 and 8:40 three of the most precious little babies appeared......INTRODUCING Emma Katherine, Nathaniel Lee, and Allison Nicole.

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