Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

This is daddy trying to show us just a little bit more how much they look alike!

What a wonderful day! Donnie and I have three very special reasons to be especially thankful for. Emma, Nate, and Alli have brought so much joy, happiness, and gratefulness to our lives that seemed to be missing in our life. I don't think I have ever been so grateful in all my life(other then the day we married,) as I am since God brought these precious little people into my life. We also have family and friends to be thankful for. My sister Tammy and his brother Mike and his wife Marty came over their daughter Michelle and her husband Timmy and their boys Trevor and Troy, and their son Wayne. Marty's cousin Sally was here from California also. We stayed at home to protect the babies from being around a lot of small children and also school aged children. We just want to get past RSV season as healthy as possible. Trevor and Troy are these boy's that try to be so ruff and macho and when they get around these babies they just seem to be in heaven. They are so good with them. To all Happy Thanksgiving.......

PS sorry for the same two pictures but I couldn't get one of them off!

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