Thursday, November 1, 2007

1st Halloween

We spent our 1st Halloween going to see Dr Tom for our nine month well baby visit. He says we are beautiful and doing great. Emma weighed in at 16.4 and 26in, Nate was 19.5 and 28 1/4in, and Alli 15.1 and 25 3/4in. Tooth count is at eight for Nate and not even a bump in the girls mouths. We are battling major diaper rash that he thinks is mainly from the acid in the solid foods and said "diaper rash is just what it is, a pain in the butt." We also got our first flu shot. Aunt Amy and Katlyn went to the doctor with us. Katlyn only got to go because she had to also see Dr Tom. Grandma Barb came to see us like she always does on Wednesday and Aunt Connie came to see the trick or treaters since she lives in the country and doesn't get any at her house. Aunt Tammy and Megan, Kara, Adam, and Sara also came to see us. Aunt Tammy and company got us light up pumpkins, Connie got us Ty beanie babies and Mommy and Daddy got us our first real pumpkins. Mommy is going to cook them for us to eat. Connie took the pictures below.

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