Sunday, October 28, 2007

Full Circle

Finally I am getting to this post that actually happened in August. Before my life with babies I have taken care of many kids over the years. When I became a nanny some nineteen years ago I have had some very special kids in my life. Pictured with my trips....
Ryan and Erin are my first set of multiples that I was a nanny for. They are nineteen...
This is left to right...Mark, Perry, and Meredith. They are triplets and fifteen and the second set of multiples that I was a nanny for.
This is Katlyn and Nicholas. Katlyn is fifteen and Nicholas is 9. They are my best friends kids and I took care of Katlyn when she was smaller. I have also watched her and Nicholas while their mom would go on trips that her husband won through his job. Katlyn was born about seven days before the triplets and Amy would bring her to play with Mark, Perry, and Meredith.
This is Abby and Cooper and they also are twins and are seven. I took care of them quite a bit when they were just babies, and have continued to help with them until I got pregnant and on bed rest. Before I got to big they would sit on my lap and we would just wait for someone to kick so they could fill them. Since I am unable to help take care of them for Mommy and Daddy nights out, Katlyn is now helping Michelle and now she also helps me. I also have helped with other sets of multiples here and there.

See how my life was full of multiples and has come full circle? Now I also have multiples.

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