Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Big day for Mommy and Daddy!

Today Donnie and I left the babies with shifts of friends and family and enjoyed a day in Santa Clause Indiana at Holiday World. We had a good time but I was real home sick to be with the babies. I think I did pretty good, I only called home a couple of times. There were three shifts of help. Amber a friend I went to school with daughter started off the day followed by my Aunt Judy and cousin Madison, and ended with our sister n law Marty and great nephew Trevor. Trevor's mom and brother, our niece Michelle and another great nephew Troy, who had a birthday today (happy birthday Troy) also stoped by for a visit and to pick Trevor up. Thanks to all of you for staying with the babies today so we could play for a while.

till next time...


Orderly Chaos said...

Hi Stacey, thanks for commenting on my blog! It's so nice to "meet" other triplet families. Hope you are all feeling better, and your babies are the cutest!

"The Dairy Wife" said...


Isn't it wonderful to have a day away? Even though you miss them and worry, you need it.

I loved seeing your little trio the other day. They are beautiful. Brings back memories.