Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Picture Day

Today we took the little trio to Penny's to get their pictures taken. They did a awesome job! We got everyone smiling in most pictures and even in the ones of them together. I bought them new headbands and knew that the pink bow did not match what Alli had on but was not sure I liked the white one. When we took them out of their clothes and did some diaper shots I happened to think about the headbands and then wished I would have put the pink one in the diaper bag so the girls would have their color bow on. The diaper shot with all three they had no bows and the ones of them by their self I did the white bow on them. They really turned out very well. We spent way to much money but these were their first pictures not at home and the big 6 month mark. Well there they are screaming.

Till next time!

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